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"The more I help others to succeed, the more I succeed."
– Ray Kroc

Miami Franchise & Business Law Attorney

Jason M. Murray provides counsel and assistance with creating, managing, licensing, protecting and enforcing franchised business relationships, product distribution systems, and dealership networks. The firm seeks to help franchisors, manufacturers and suppliers form and maintain relationships with franchisees, distributors and dealers through which they can continue providing consumer products and services to the public on a regional, national and international basis.  Jason Murray’s practice specifically relates to licensing and development, regulation and compliance, and dispute resolution through mediation, arbitration, and litigation.

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  • Business Litigation & Trade Regulation

    Business Litigation & Trade Regulation

    Murray Law has a broad business litigation and trade regulation practice with emphasis on commercial litigation, corporate litigation, antitrust and t...

  • Franchise & Distribution Law

    Franchise & Distribution Law

    Murray Law practices in the area of franchise and distribution law and provides counsel and assistance with creating, managing, licensing, protecting ...

  • Intellectual Property Litigation

    Intellectual Property Litigation

    Murray Law handles trademark, trade dress and unfair competition disputes, including disputes regarding trade names, trademark infringement, trademark...

  • Real Property Litigation

    Real Property Litigation

    Murray Law represents owners, developers, lenders and brokers seeking to preserve their rights in real property through litigation.  Specifically, th...

  • Religion, Faith-Based & Church Law

    Religion, Faith-Based & Church Law

    Murray Law provides a range of legal services to religious organizations, faith-based non-profit entities, churches, church ministries, church executi...

  • Trade Secrets & Non-Compete Litigation

    Trade Secrets & Non-Compete Litigation

    Trade secrets are defined as practices, formulas, designs, processes, instruments, patterns, or a compilation of information that is not generally kno...