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Real Estate Industry

Real estate is a legal term in the United States that deals with land and anything affixed with that piece of land, including buildings, and deals with property that is fixed or stationary in location. Along with the term real estate, real estate law is the body of law that governs the real estate industry including the regulations and legal codes that pertain to such matters as jurisdiction. Real estate is the industry that deals with the buying and selling of property. That property can be either bare land or land with a house or an office building on it.

The real estate industry has been around for hundreds of years and continues to grow with each passing year. Real estate can be broken down into two main categories. Those two main categories are business real estate and residential real estate. The business side of real estate includes appraisals, brokerages, development, property management, real estate marketing, real estate investment, relocation services and corporate real estate. The residential side of the real estate industry includes apartments, multi-family houses, terraced houses, condominiums, semi-detached dwellings, duplexes, single-family detached homes, mobile homes, houseboats and tents.